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Symphony Innovate 2019 brought together over 600 executives and technology experts to discover how to streamline secure collaboration, connect information systems, and automate workflow across global markets. See below for video replay and highlights!

 Oct 3rd, 2019 Center415

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Event Highlights and Photos

Watch the Presentations

Symphony Innovate 2019 Opening Keynote: David Gurlé, Founder & CEO, Symphony

SPARC: Live Showcase with J.P. Morgan

SPARC: FlexTrade Integration in Action

Introducing Symphony 2.0: Live at Innovate 2019

Introducing Symphony Elements

Symphony 2.0 Integrations in Action: Salesforce

A Conversation with David Gurlé: J.P. Morgan’s, co-head of Digital & Platform Services, David Hudson

J.P. Morgan: Streamlining the Buy-side Trader Experience

NatWest Markets’ SCOUT Bot

Goldman Sachs’ Symphony Broker IOI Bot for Equity Derivatives

ChartIQ: Leveraging Contextual Data to Take Real-time Action

Adaptive: Unlocking the Power of the Collaborative Financial Desktop

UBS’ Live Desk Application

GreenKey Technologies: Real-time Data Insights Through Voice and Natural Language Processing

Citi Velocity: Commentary Content Bot

Symphony Elements Workshop: Building Resilient Bots

Symphony Integrations Workshop

Symphony Community Showcase

FX RFQ Bot Live Demo: BNP Paribas

BARX Bot Live Demo: Barclays & Capital Group

Jarvis Live Demo: T. Rowe Price & ServiceNow

Case study: Barclays’ Progressive Bot Ecosystem

RTT Live Demo: BlackRock & Standard Chartered Bank

Symphony and AWS: Business Acceleration Via Cloud Innovation

FinTech Studios: AI-based Intelligent Search and Analytics for Wall Street

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